Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Renewable Energy under Trump has Flatlined

Renewable energy use under Trump's watch has now flatlined:

PS: Blogger/blogspot just doesn't render images with much clarity. I'm sorry. If you click on the image it will be clearer, but that's not good enough.


Layzej said...

I found the following fascinating chart while looking for the data: https://www.iea.org/sankey/

It shows "Flow ("Sankey") diagram showing the production (by source) and consumption (by sector) of energy, globally and by individual country, every year since 1973."

David in Cal said...

What a great chart! Thank you so much Layzej.

A couple of striking points (if I am reading it correctly)

1."Other", which includes solar, wind and tide, is so tiny it's negligible.
2. Coal is a very big part of the total
3. The only renewable source of any significant magnitude is biofuel, but that is now regarded as problematic.

This chart tends to support the belief that conservation, wind, and solar may be desirable but they will not be sufficient to stop the growth in atmospheric CO2. Some new source of energy would be needed.


Layzej said...

I was also shocked at how small the "other" category was. Even Hydro and Nuclear are vanishingly small. The chart defaults to a global view. The picture is quite different depending on which country you select. Still disappointing globally.

Note you can also pull the "year" bar back to see how this has evolved over time.