Friday, July 28, 2006

Floyd says....

At least he wore the backwards cap. Floyd always wears the backwards cap and at least he's being consistent. He also says he's not guilty:
“I would like to leave absolutely clear that I am not in any doping process,” Landis said in a news conference in Madrid today.
What more can he say, really? What would YOU say if you weren't guilty and a test somehow said you were?

Landis said today that he, like many athletes, has naturally high levels of testerone. He also insisted that he has never been involved in doping and has high regard for cycling because it is a “clean” sport.

“I’m proud of the fact that I won the Tour because I was the strongest guy there,” Landis said.

Speaking from Europe on Thursday in a teleconference with reporters, Landis said a “disastrous feeling” swept over him when he heard about his positive test. He said he had never used performance-enhancing drugs and was mystified by the abnormality of his testosterone level.

One thing Floyd can do, it seems to me, is to have the same T(estosterone)/E(pitestosterone) test performed on him right now, and publicize the results. If it gives the same ratio, it's at least some evidence in his favor that he has a naturally high T/E ratio. (Why would he still be doping after the race?)

After hearing the news, the German television network ZDF said it might stop broadcasting the Tour de France because it had signed on to show a sporting event, not “the performances of the pharmaceutical industry.”

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John Fleck says -

On the backwards cap, it's worth noting that the one he wore in the news conference did not have the large "Ishares" logo that he wore so prominently throughout the Le Tour interviews. I mean, I love Floyd as much as the next US cycling fan, but.... :-)