Saturday, November 24, 2007

More on Portland GHGs

So how do Portland's transportation-sector GHGs compare to the national average?

I could only found US transportation GHGs from 1990 to 2004 -- a person can go crazy searching for the exact data -- available here. I extrapolated to 2006 -- I'm not going to go through the details -- and got 1,985.5 MMT CO2e for the US Transportation sector GHG emissions in 2006. Dividing by the 2006 population given here, we get

per capita US transportation GHG emissions, 2006 = 6.6 MT CO2

That compares to Portland's claim of 5.6 MT.

So Portland is claiming that its per-capita transportation emissions are 15% below the national average.... Is that reasonable, for a city?

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CWD said...

Hm. Based on FWHA figures and data from the state, I get that Oregon overall uses about 8-9% less than the US average. Restrict that to the city proper, and consumption that's 15% lower than the national average seems easily within the realm of possibility.