Thursday, July 10, 2008

Climate Change Daily Deceit?

This is curious: The Web site Climate Debate Daily, which purports to offer a balanced presentation of the climate change debate, lists as a "Dissenting Voice" this Newsweek essay from Robert J. Samuelson titled "Don't Hold Your Breath: Global Warming Promises To Become A Large And Gushing Source Of National Hypocrisy." Climate Debate Daily links to the printable version, which looks like it came out this past January. Newsweek says it was updated on January 22, 2008. What the page curiously doesn't say is that this essay originally came out in 1997, and the Richard Kerr Science article it highlights, about the limitations of climate models, came out in May 1997.

I suspect the science of climate modeling has changed a little in the last 11 years.

Why is Climate Change Daily pointing towards 11-year old articles as evidence against global warming? I haven't been very impressed with this site since its inception last year -- I'm not sure I can ever trust it now.

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Delicious said...

Denis Dutton, who runs Arts & Letters Daily -- which I have always liked despite, or perhaps because of, its Tory bent -- has always been a "skeptic" and still has the Newsweek/Global Cooling link on the sidebar of A.L. Daily.

The quality of the "debate" on the climate side tends to remind me of that Onion point-counterpoint : The Iraq War Will Destablize The Whole Region vs. No It Won't.