Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So some parents of some California teens paid for them to go to the Inauguration in DC, and -- imagine this -- the trip didn't work out as planned.

Missed buses, missed events, missed sleep -- you surely know the scene.

Except that these parents are now threatening to sue.

Really. As if life is some kind of guaranteed amusement park ride, where you put your kid on and, sometime later, she comes out having been scared and amused by all the promised spooks, and none but them too much. Like this is how life works out.

I predict that, 20 years from now, these kids will look back on their trip fondly, hardly remembering the cold or that they missed most of the Inauguration and most of its events, but instead recall that they sneaked a pee behind the bushes next to the Justice Department, that the delectible, brown-haired beauty of the ninth-grade Jennifer Doherty, drolls in her sleep (though her breasts still looked magnificant), and that they got extra fries at the McDonalds in Chantilly, Virginia at 2:30 in the morning.

Chill, parents. This is life.

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Anonymous said...

David, the home interest deduction for mortgage is unnecessary and unfairly subsidizes home ownership over renting. However, two wrongs don't make a right and you are living in la la land if you believe other Countries have the same health care we have, or that it costs less.

My buddy works for a company with a plant in Canada, and most of those "insured" workers drive an hour to the US for services, which they pay out of pocket, instead of using their communist run health care services. Not too cheap, if you ask me.