Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Towards a Real-Life Serge

One of the neater details of the new movie (and coming TV series) Caprica, which takes place 58 years before the just-concluded Battlestar Galactica series and explains the creation of the Cylons, was the robotic butler Serge, which looks a bit like a mobile, talking golf bag:

A new robot by Anybots is not exactly the same thing, but about half of it:

This is a teleconference on wheels -- the robot can follow you around, etc., but the voice is that of the person/people on the other end of your teleconference.

Here's a video of the concept. They cost about $30K apiece. I could see this catching on, if the price were a lot lower, and people have about 15 years to grow comfortable with the idea.

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engines said...

Very cool. I love robots. I had a robot when I was very young that did simple things like pick stuff up, talk, smile, and cruise around. I thought it was the coolest.

Now I'm grown up still playing with robots/machines in my engine and transmission shop.

I guess I'll never grow up.