Saturday, June 06, 2009

El Nino Imminent

It looks like another El Nino is on our doorstep, which will likely bring some higher global temperatures in the coming months.

Of course, even thought this decade is already the warmest decade since records have been kept, it won't matter unless it's warmer than the last notable El Nino in 1998. That would still indicate "global cooling."

And if it is warmer, it won't count because the temperature recording stations are biased. Unless, of course, they show that it's cooler. Then they're fine.

Indeed, the backtracking has already begun.

Besides, Venus and Mars are warming too, so it must be the sun. Except the solar minimum seems to be ending.

In any case, we know that all scientists are liars who fabricate data for the sake of getting another grant next year. If you don't go along with the whole charade, they'll disassociate themselves from you and call your mother bad names.

Besides, Al Gore is getting rich off of all this.

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