Monday, January 03, 2011

RSS: Warmest Decade, Second Warmest Year

RSS (Remote Sensing Systems) temperature anomaly data for last month is in, so we can make some broad conclusions.
  • 2010 was, globally, the second warmest year in their records, after only 1998.
1998: +0.55°C
2010: +0.51°C
  • The decade of the 2000s was, globally, by far the warmest decade in their records.
'80s: -0.06°C
'90s: +0.08°C
'00s: +0.30°C

Reminder: this RSS satellite data covers the period Jan 1979 - present for the lower troposphere (viz. below about 10  km); global data is from -70 deg to +82.5 deg latitude, and their base period is 1979-1998.

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