Friday, February 11, 2011

January Temperatures

How warm (or cold) was last month?

NASA GISS says it was +0.46°C above their baseline average, which is a bit "cold," but not as cold as Jan 2008 (+0.17°C).

Other than 2008, it tied with 2006, and was warmer than 2001.

Measuring by satellite, UAH says January was quite cold:  right at their baseline, or an anomaly of 0.00 °C, or the coldest month in one and a half years.

But then, they just changed their baseline.

I wish these people could all get on the same program.

And frankly, I'd feel better about their data if their primary analyst, Roy Spencer of UAH, didn't seem determined to find against AGW everywhere he can.

So, Jan 2011 was "cold." But then, we're in a La Nina and a strong negative phase of the NAO.

Keep you eye on the ball, which is the long-term trend -- decadal, at least.

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