Saturday, March 26, 2011


Some interesting things I’ve come across recently:
  • over 28,000 species of nematodes are known, and there may be as many as a million.
  • The freshwater content of the upper Arctic Ocean has increased by about 20 percent since the 1990s.
  • The scariest path in the world.
  • This week's Science magazine says Peak Oil is most probably here: "Despite a near tripling of world oil prices, non-OPEC production, which accounts for 60% of world output, hasn't increased significantly since 2004. And many of those same experts, as well as some major oil companies, don't see it increasing again— ever. In their view, it's stuck on a flat-topped peak or plateau at present levels of production for another decade or so before starting to decline. “Stable [non-OPEC] production is the best we can hope for,” says energy economist Robert Kaufmann of Boston University. “I have trouble seeing it increase more. It’s a wake-up call.”
Will this mean less oil consumption, or more war for OPEC's oil?

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