Thursday, January 24, 2013

More Gordon Fulks (PhD) Shenanigans

Here more suspicious science from Oregon contrarian Gordon Fulks PhD Physics: In Jan 2012 he gave a talk at a meeting of the Oregon Meteorological Society. (XXX). His slides include this one on sea level:

which is strange: His talk was given in early 2012, so why does the data stop in early 2008? CU's data usually of less than 6 months....

No one, of course, should be surprised at the answer: the data after Fulks' cutoff did not fit his denier storyline, having continued on its long-term trend:

He also choose data that didn't apply an inverse barometer correction (which accounts for changes in sea level height from changes in air pressure), which can have a short-term effect but doesn't affect long-term trends.

Folks like Fulks PhD Physics aren't interested in a real exploration of the data and the science. They get up every morning thinking only of how they can cram it into their chosen position.

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