Friday, January 02, 2015

Warmest Year Ever for World's Longest Temperature Record

That's the Hadley Centre's "Central England Temperature (CET)," of course.

It was a fairly clean record high, too, beating the previous #1 (2006) by 0.09°C 0.06°C. (Third is now 2011.)(Reason for the correction: Round-off errors, between my calculation of the annual average (rounded to two decimal places) and HadCET's annual average (truncated to two decimal places.) I'll use HadCET's numbers.

The yearly anomaly was +1.69°C above the record's complete average. The record is 356 years long, though with some issues in the early years.

What's more, the annual average was a record without any individual month setting a record (for its month). The lowest ranked month was April, the 8th warmest April in the record.

Here's a plot of the annual anomalies:

Overall the anomalies kinda balance around 0°C.... Maybe the highs of recent decades are just a rebound from the cold of 1690-1700.... and there is no net warming at all. Maybe. Or maybe not.

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