Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Dr. Norman Page PhD: Still Batshit Crazy

This is rich: Dr. Norman Page, PhD, is still claiming that his 2003 prediction of global cooling "is looking good."

Some people never learn (including some PhDs.). Let us look at the evidence again:

It takes a special kind of dishonesty -- not ordinary denier dishonesty, but something MUCH beyond that -- to look at this graph and claim global cooling is happening, or is at about to happen.
My 2012 forecast of a cooling trend from 2003 on is looking good with the rapid collapse of the current El Nino. See figs 5 and 5a above.The cooling trends are truncated to exclude the current El Nino as an end point. The Enso events are temporary aberrations which don’t have much influence on the trends – see the 1998 and 2010 events in Figs 5 and 5a
Starting in 2003 doesn't make his prediction any less insane:

In fact, his prediction made no sense BEFORE the El Nino, as the trend here from Jan 2003 to his prediction in Nov 2012 is +0.05 C/decade, +/- some relatively large uncertainty that doesnt't help his case at all.

I can maybe perhaps understand this kind of ridiculous thing from those here who have no or little scientific training. But from a PhD???

Really, I don't know how deniers live with themselves, how they lay down at night and think over their day, how they get up in the morning and look themselves square in the mirror.

I really don't.


Dr Norman Page said...

David - as you well know you have carefully selected a small interval of the GISS data which has been readjusted several times by its authors in an orwellian attempt to save the CAGW meme. I urge your readers to reconnect with reality by checking my post at
See especially Figs 1,5 and 5a.
Figure 1 above compares the IPCC forecast with the Akasofu paper forecast and with the simple but most economic working hypothesis of this post (green line) that the peak at about 2003 is the most recent peak in the millennial cycle so obvious in the temperature data.The data also shows that the well documented 60 year temperature cycle coincidentally peaks at about the same time.

Fig 5

Fig 5a

Layzej said...

Dr Page accuses scientists of "Orwellian" plot in response to accusations of being batshit crazy. XD

Skeptics Spencer and Christy must secretly be in on the jig:

Unknown said...

"Really, I don't know how deniers live with themselves..."

The sad answer is charlatans are happy when they have a con going, it is what they do.

Has anyone verified that he does actually hold a PhD, and in what field?

Layzej said...

"I'm feeling lucky" search for "Norman Page" turns up: "Dr Norman Page- an oil consultant with a PhD in geology at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign." -

Funnily he predicted that cooling would really kick in by 2015 and 2016. Oops!