Friday, October 14, 2016

Hayhoe Response to a Climate Denier

From a comment by Layzej, here's an instance of Kathleen Hayhoe smoothly dealing with a Texas city counciler...maniac...about his (quite trivial) objections to AGW.

Note the city councilor has a self-proclaimed "visceral" reaction to climate change -- not a rational reaction:


Steve said...

Her calm response to that barrage of nonsense is truly impressive.

Chris_Winter said...

Indeed, Steve. I could not have been so calm. I often am not, as can be seen in my posts online.

Dr. Hayhoe was also great in The Years of Living Dangerously, when she tried to convince Pastor Rick Joyner of the reality of climate change. She did not succeed, but she may have softened his dogmatism a bit.