Wednesday, March 08, 2017

The Movie "Geostorm" -- Just What We Don't Need

An apparently ridiculous, irrational look at geoengineering. In theatres October 20th.



David in Cal said...

Reminds me of a comment made by a scientist friend around 1970. He was involved in rainmaking research (which never did pan out, BTW). He said scientists could always get government support by simply saying that the Russians were working on it.

I am pessimistic about the world's ability and willingness to reduce CO2 emissions enough to reverse the rise in atmospheric CO2. So, geo-engineering might be the only practical way to stop the planet from warming. (Of course, geo-engineering has all kinds of new risks.) If awful films like this make people think of geo-engineering as a weapon, maybe that will lead to more government support and improved scinetific understanding.


David Appell said...

If only, David. But I see no evidence at all that many/most Americans are interested in anything anymore.

Just give them their cable stations and they are happy.

(I'm cynical, I admit.)