Tuesday, January 03, 2023

Central England Warmest in 364 Years

The Hadley Central England Temperature (HadCET) set a record high in 2022.

The record -- the longest instrumental record in the world -- consists of monthly temperatures (absolute) since the year 1659 -- though the data for 1659 - Oct 1722 are much less accurate. If you ignore that period, it's still the warmest in 300 years! 2022's annual average was 11.1°C (52.0°F).

(click picture for a clearer version)

Here is the Hadley Centre's page about the data and the record.


Layzej said...

The wine growers of England had an exceptional year:


They are suggesting that by 2050 they will be able to produce UK-grown Chardonnay grapes will be ripe enough to produce high quality still wines, in most years. https://phys.org/news/2022-12-wine-britain-chardonnay-champions.html

Meanwhile in France, hail, heatwaves, and drought are making things more difficult. https://www.france24.com/en/france/20220818-how-france-s-wine-industry-is-adapting-to-climate-change

David Appell said...

Thanks for that, it's interesting. There will no doubt be a lot shifts in agriculture. Canada and Russia seem poised to benefit; the US midwest not so much.

Layzej said...

The problem with Canada is that it's mostly rock up north (at least east of Saskatchewan). It doesn't matter how warm it is, you can only get about a year or two out of a few inches of soil. Underneath it's all rock.

David Appell said...

Huh. I did not know that.
Thanks for that comment, L.
You're really full of good information.