Monday, September 04, 2023

UAH: Second-warmest Month in Their Records

UAH/Roy Spencer just published their temperature anomaly for the lower troposphere.

It's the warmest August since their records start in 1979 (by 0.30°C!) and the 2nd-hottest month since 1979 (just 0.01°C below the record of February 2016). 

This decade-to-date, 34 months into the new decade, is 0.27°C warmer than the last decade-to-date. (It's a short time interval, though, so not very meaningful.)

Every new decade UAH adjusts their anomalies to the latest 30 years (perhaps to keep the numbers smaller?). August's anomaly, with respect to 1980-2009, is 0.83°C, larger than I would have guessed. 

When is 1.00°C going to appear?

Very likely even higher anomalies to come in the next few months as the El Nino gets rolling....


Layzej said...

RSS has released August 2023:
2023 8 1.105 C

Not quite a record though. That belongs to Feb 2016:
2016 2 1.264 C

Layzej said...

RSS Data's here:

Layzej said...

I notice they show temps between the 60th and 82nd parallel. That's Northwest Territories, Alaska. The hottest month was Jan 2016 with 3.705C. August 2023 was 2.508C above average.