Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Kansas & Evolution

I really don't care too much about what happens in Kansas -- if they want their kids to grow up to be idiots, that's their business and their loss -- and I don't really fear for the (current & ultimate) triumph of the idea of evolution -- but it's still nice to see the creationists get bounced out onto their asses. Even if it is for the second time, and even if the fight is probably still not over there. It's their loss--the rest of us enlightened people will get along just fine.

The most deliciously ironic item in the whole episode comes from Kansas school board incumbent Connie Morris, who described evolution as “a nice bedtime story.” In fact, that's exactly wrong and yet precisely what religion is--a nice bedtime story. Unfortunately she'll probably never understand that the joke is really on her.

Morris was "defeated decisively."

Kansas City Star: only 23% of registered voters went to the polls. That's registered voters, who are, what, maybe 2/3rds of total eligible voters?

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