Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"Minds in Distress"

This looks like an interesting book: "Minds in Distress," by Edward E. Loewe. From a marketing email I received:
"Minds in Distress" is a comprehensive examination of America's disordered psychology. Loewe, a therapist with nearly two decades' practice, bears witness to an alarming increase in mental-emotional disorders resulting from the clash between human genetics and a culture hell-bent on outdoing everyone at any cost. The result is shattered marriages, lost jobs, bankruptcy, anxiety, addiction, rudeness, road rage, skullduggery, and violence.

"Over fifty percent of the American adult population has a diagnosable psychiatric disorder," says Loewe, who suggests these aren't so much illnesses as natural reactions to a culture gone berserk: "Life conditions are changing at a rate which I believe defies the capacity of the human mind to adapt in a timely fashion."

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