Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More Climate Hypocrisy

Thomas Friedman of the NY Times tells us that he spent last week flying and driving around the country -- Alabama to Mississippi to Chicago to Massachusetts -- and then acts angry when his daughter asks him why the Arctic ice is melting.

It's melting because you won't stay home, Thomas. But he thinks it's up to the presidential candidates to propose a climate change mitigation plan, and I guess he is just along to observe.

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Dano said...

I'm sure Thomas, like the rest of us, would fly less if all the costs of flying were reflected in the price of the ticket.

Until all of us pay full cost for our activities, little will change. Hence, IMHO, some of the pushback against some scientific inquiry, esp. the kind that gathers data for full accounting of ecosystem services. A full accounting means proper pricing, and prices will go way up.