Thursday, October 18, 2007

Oregon & Storms

The thing I miss the most about living here in Oregon compared to New England is...the lack of storms.

It just doesn't storm here. It was supposed to be a big, stormy day here today, wind and rain, but in the end it was all just a little breeze and some pissy rain. Nothing at all. Certainly nothing like a nor'easter. Nothing at all.

Back east, when it storms, you know you've been rained upon. It clouds up and either rains all day or, in the summer, it gathers in the afternoon, and builds up to some unsustainable level of humidity where it lets loose and rains a good half-inch in 20 minutes, absolutely pounds the ground and trees and scatters twigs all around.

Nothing like that here. Here it rains a little and a few leaves come down, but then it stops and you can walk out and stay dry. The sodden leaves are scattered all along the roads and sidewalks, and they get plenty slippery, but it's not the same. No one takes the storms seriously. They just wait it out. It is anticlimactic, and it is somewhat disappointing.

There are plenty of beautiful things about Oregon, but its storms aren't one of them.....

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Dano said...

Seattle got it pretty good, lots of wind damage. But yes, I agree. Here on the Front Range we get tremendous storms that are very enjoyable.