Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bush and Greenhouse Gases

I mean, how can you not just laugh out loud?

Today Bush says he wants the US to set a goal for stopping the growth of greenhouse gases altogether, proposing 2025.

I guess 2064 wasn't available. And no one would believe 2143. So 2025 it is.

This is such a huge joke on the entire world that it's amazing Bush isn't ashamed to even propose it. He's so completely divorced from the entire populace of the real world that he apparently has no shame whatsoever for this proposal. It really is a sick joke.

His father committed the US to greenhouse gas reductions about 12 years ago. He then completely ignored it. So did Clinton/Gore. So did Bush Jr.

They have come up with every possible excuse to deny the scientific findings of our time. Bush Jr. lied to the American population about regulating CO2 when running for president in 2000 -- just outright baldfaced lied -- and went back on his word only 2 months after being elected. He could hardly have taken less time to admit his lie.

Since Bush I GW skeptics have gone though every possible excuse. No, the world isn't warming. Yes, the world is warming but it's natural. OK, maybe it's not all natural, but man's contributions can't be proven. Yes, maybe man is contributing a little, but there's nothing we can do about it. We'd wreck our economy. We'd bankrupt the world. Adaptaion won't kill us. The measurements are rancid. On and and on and on.

And now Bush II proposes something completely meaningless. No real committment, no real sacrifice at all. It's far worse than his Moon/Mars proposal -- this one is completely meaningless. 2025 is essentially infinity. It means nothing to today. It's like all the other officials and governors promising to cut GHGs by 80% by 2050. They have no clue how to do this, as it requires a complete reengineering of civilization. Which is of course not going to happen.

What is wrong with the analytic capabilities of our media -- their very critical thinking skills that they claim to prize so highly --that they can report any of this with a straight face? Do they not h have even the slightest degree of numerical and analytic thinking? Will they believe anything a politician says as long as they stand up in front of a podium.

It is not reality that is going to sink us. It is our stupidity and utter inability to think beyond the latest American Idol show. We are fucking doomed.

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