Friday, April 11, 2008

Gore and the Press

This is a really dumb move on Al Gore's part:
Al Gore is speaking at the RSA security conference in San Francisco this afternoon. But good luck finding out what he says: Reporters are banned from the event.
Banning the press just makes it look like Gore has something to hide. Whereas he's only going to win this argument by following the tenets that global warming science has followed for the last three decades, and which science has followed for the last four centuries: complete and total openness. This is not the kind of debate you win by fooling the other side, or convincing them by subtle and complicated arguments -- this is a debate about fundamental facts and fundamental physics, and you win by not deviating from them. Indeed, the pro-global warming side is already winning by following exactly this path. Just keep it up. Yes, it might take 20 more years. It might take 5. But you're not going to win by manipulating the press coverage. Gore has a Nobel Prize. He has a unique platform. He should act like it, instead of acting like he has something to hide.


John Fleck said...

This is apparently a common condition for Gore's paid speech appearances. At least, it was a condition of his paid speech appearance here in Albuquerque last year.

: JustaDog said...

Since a number of states are still under snow and it's already April expect Gore to hide until summer heat kicks in.

Then he will come out and NBC or CBS will do another poll during the normal hot months to ask if people believe in glow worms - ah, I mean global warming.

MT said...

They should have published Gore's remarks encrypted. They didn't feel secure doing that? There's your bad PR.