Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Interesting Stuff

Some interesting stuff (to me, at least) that I've come across lately:
  • UAH temperature anomaly for June: +0.01°C. It's up (0.12°C from last June)! It's down! There's something in it for everyone.
  • Could there be any relation between the relative flattening of methane concentrations in the atmosphere over the last several years and the relative flattening of global temperatures? Methane levels: ftp://ftp.cmdl.noaa.gov/ccg/figures/ch4_tr_global.png For example, the A1B economic scenario assumes methane levels go from 1760 ppb in 2000 to 1845 ppb in 2008, whereas methane levels only made it to about 1780 ppb. Is that a significant difference?
  • A perfect example of how regulation spurs innovation.
  • Are we entering a new Little Ice Age? This whole mirrored climate science thing is getting weird. Each side has their own papers, their own conferences, their own (N)IPCC reports....
  • Everett Ruess tramped alone around the west when it was still wild, then disappeared at the age of 20. He has since become a legend... and now his skeleton has been found (after being murdered).
  • Great line: I watched The Long Riders over the weekend, and there's a great scene where, during a train robbery by the James/Younger gang, the outlaw Bob Younger runs atop a moving train and, with a pistol in each hand, leaps down into the locomotive. The engineers back looks at him kind of annoyingly and says, "What are you aimin' to do?" and Younger says "I ain't aimin' to do nothin' -- I'm doin' it!"


rhhardin said...

Each side has their own papers, their own conferences,

No kidding.

Neither side is doing actual physics equations. So they pull equations out of the air and solve those.

It's model building and model deniers.

The controversy will go away when government funding goes away.

The Navier Stokes equations are still available to those who have ducked the controversy and are just curious about this or that that's actually within computational reach.

Look for curiosity to find science.

Dano said...

I like how Marc Morono words his blog posts, sprinkling them libreally with Gore Derangement Syndrome.



Kobi Rehberi said...

good point..

Thank you