Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What *is* up with this?

True to form, WUWT questions the June GISS temperature data because it's too high for their liking. When it's low, they accept the data without question. But when it's high, the data are wrong.

Meanwhile, ClimateDepot doesn't even mention the GISS data. But it was colder than usual in New York recently....


Bishop Hill said...

I don't think that's really fair. The article you link to is a piece about GISSTEMP in general. The previous piece is actually the one about the June results and notes how different the trend is to UAH and RSS. You also link to the piece where they accepted the January results without question, but here they commented that the trend matched UAH and RSS.

While I'm sure nobody is going to get very excited about the results for one month, the sudden divergence is interesting and worthy of comment.

Dano said...

Somebody needs to take some snaps without measuring temperature to accurately reflect the audacity of Hansonian hysteria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!