Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Death of Christopher Monckton

Via Deltoid: John Abraham of St Thomas University completely and overwhelmingly devastates a talk by Christopher Monckton -- by all rights this link to Abraham's work ought to be legally attached to Monckton's name for eternity.

Abrahams carefully and thoroughly dissects Monckton's many claims and shows how completely wrong Monckton is about nearly everything -- in fact, not just wrong, but full of B.S.

It's impossible to imagine Monckton ever getting an ounce of respect ever again, even from skeptics. It's extremely impressive and worth at  least part of your time (it's a total of 84 minutes long).

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Brian said...

Agreed on Abraham.

OT, but you've posted about records before: UAH came in for May, .53 above the mean, getting closer to their 13-month record:

I'd guess two more months should do it. Keep up the drumbeat!