Friday, June 25, 2010

The Stupid DC Pundits

Do all the young little Journolist writers realize that all their self-protective, self-indulgent ego-stroking is viewed by the rest of the country as just as tawdry as the corruption of our government by corporations and lobbyists?

That, indeed, the rest of the country recognizes that all these little worms are doing is lining up to try and get their little slice of the power pie, with all its compromises and shenanigans, via mentions in a few local power blogs? To be the next Charles Krauthammer or George Will, as if these guys -- who supposedly have it made -- matter?

It's difficult to see how many words have now been expended on the terrible story of Dave Wiegel, who as far as I can tell has not ever contributed one meaningful idea to the national debate -- or, really, has done more than danced at some other poseur's wedding.

Small wonder that the intellectual foundations of our country are collapsing....

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rhhardin said...

It's news biz dynamics.

People don't want hard news - think city council meetings - enough to watch regularly. So that can't pay the bills.

The product of news organizations is not news but you. They sell your eyeballs to advertisers.

It turns out that there is a large segment of America that is easy to lure, and that is fans of the soap opera news genre. This is about 20% of the population. They can, possibly, pay the bills, and so they're the ones sought.

No story that does not hold the interest of the typical soap opera women will run, lest she tune away.

That one fact explains everything you see in media behavior.

The leftist bent of the MSM comes from an alignment with leftist thought and soap opera narrative, a secondary effect.

The pundits are just characters beinging you the narrative.

The intellectual foundations of America you seek are to be sought in the 80% of the population who find the MSM repulsive.