Sunday, August 01, 2010

Blogger Has Become Crap

Are you a blogger?

If so, do you blog here on

If so, are you happy with it?

I'm not. In the last few months it has turned into crap, where I have to code even moderately long posts by hand.

Otherwise I get endless crap full of span's and pre's and /pre's and all kinds of font changes I never asked for.

I invariably have to go in and do the HTML coding by hand if I want my post to look presentable. It's a royal pain and I'm sick of it.

Blogger seems to have tried to make their system great for everything, and as a result it is not good for nothing. I'm back to coding by hand -- not what I'm looking for in a content management system.

Is it just me?

I would switch to some other system tomorrow if I thought the transition would be smooth and easy. But I'm sure it will be a complete mess and require an entire weekend, which I won't do.


Scruffy Dan said...

A couple thoughts. The simplest way to move to a new system is to leave the blogger blog as an archive, and start a new blog elsewhere (I have been happy with a self-hosted wordpress install).

The other option is to use a third party editor instead of blogger to write your posts. Windows Live writer has worked well for me, but there are others that run on non-windows platforms.

rhhardin said...

If your google account closes for some reason, your blog will disappear, with blogger.

That's the big minus, or at least the reason to do backups if you're serious.

I like it though for my humble blog, which is only a dog pic of the day.

bob said...

I find it so temperamental I edit the html manually too. I find odd stuff happens with alignment, also if you submit sometimes it looks different than it did in preview.

joven said...

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