Sunday, August 01, 2010

Shark Attacks in Massachusetts

For some reason I have never understood, about half of the Google Searches that land on this blog come from "shark attack."

So, have you noticed that there have been at last three Great White sharks off the coast of Massachusetts in recent days?

A 1,500-pound great white shark was tagged off the shore of Chatham on Tuesday. It was the first tagging of the summer for scientists, who say that the great white shark sightings have grown thanks to a growing seal population. For more, click here . A day after a great white shark was tagged by scientists, three more sharks were sighted off the Chatham coast. They were described as up to 16 feet long and about 100 feet from the shore. Swimmers are being warned to stay away from seals.

Local official are blaming it on the plethora of seals that have invaded the area. But why are there suddenly so many seals?

Naturally, humans all across the area are panicking and staying out of the water.

Heck, I'd probably do the same. And then go out for a lobster roll.

You can't get lobster roll in Oregon. Sigh.

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