Tuesday, August 03, 2010

RSS: Warmest July in their Records

RSS's satellite measurement for the temperature anomaly last month was +0.608°C, making it the warmest July in their records (which go back to 1979).

They still don't show a 12-month record, though: the most recent 12 months were +0.480°C, while their record is +0.551°C set in December 1998.

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bob said...

Interesting, since the recent el nino dived out early I was thinking 2010 didn't stand a chance of becoming the warmest year in any records, but it looks like the anomaly has stayed high enough even through July. And I didn't notice that 1998 cooled off a lot after August due to having it's own La Nina. So now I am not so sure.

I wonder if we are due another dip like 2000/2001 followed by a warming step change like 2002/2003.