Friday, October 08, 2010

The Climategate Investigation

I haven't been investigating the Climategate incident, which occurred not quite a year ago. But it seems to me quite strange that we haven't heard boo about this break-in.Wasn't Scotland Yard investigating? How can there be no word about the break-in after 10 months? If there isn't something known by now, why should we expect anything in the future?

I don't know anything here. But something doesn't smell right to me.


ScruffyDan said...

Figuring out who was behind the digital break-in can be virtually impossible if the hacker knew what he was doing.

Just route your connection through a few proxies (TOR would work perfectly), do it from an internet cafe, or an unsecured wifi access point, or use a zombie PC.

Any of those (or a combination) would make the break-in very difficult to trace, and I think Scotland Yard has bigger fish to fry.

Steve Bloom said...

It's not Scotland Yard, it's the Norfolk constabulary, who IIRC called in some national security-type help. It does seem like they should have said something by now, at the least closing the investigation if they've hit an irremediable brick wall, but unfortunately the British police have a firm policy of making no public statements until they've wrapped things up.

William M. Connolley said...

As others have said: yes the police are investigating (well, nominally. I bet they've given up by now. As a UK taxpayer, I hope they have; it is clearly a waste of time and money given the level of expertise they'll be bringing to bear), but no they probably aren't getting anywhere, and that isn't too surprising.

We had a long tedius edit war on wikipedia over whether it was a leak or a hack or illegal or what.