Monday, October 18, 2010

Obama on Mythbusters

President Obama is going to appear on Mythbusters as they once again try to verify Archimedes' claim that the Greeks set fire to an invading Roman fleet by reflecting the sun's rays off mirrors.

OK.... It should be fun to watch Obama in any kind of activity like that. But Mythbusters has already "busted" this myth (which, I think, agrees with common sense). Isn't there something better out there to try?

Of course, MB will do whatever Obama wants....

I watched Mythbusters for their first season or two.... I recently had a chance to watch in on some current episodes (Season 8 or something like that), and I could hardly stand it. The success of the show has totally gone to the heads of the participants, especially the three assistants (Tory, Grant, and (esp) Kari -- the latter having completely sold-out to the role of a comely slut for the geeks)). The way they play to the camera is silly and literally embarrassing to watch.

Jamie and Adam at least have retained some dignity. But I think the show needs to acknowledge its success and, like a 38-yr old career .300 hitter, go out while their heads can still be held up high.

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