Thursday, December 09, 2010

China's Response to the Nobel Prize

Liu.pngWatching official China stomp and whine after the Nobel Prize was awarded to Liu Xiaobo is really quite amusing (and, as well, rather sad). They seem like a six-year old -- or, rather, like any bully who ever lived. James Fallows nails it:

The Chinese central authorities no doubt intend all these as demonstrations of strength. In the rest of the world's eyes, of course, there could be no more dramatic demonstration of weakness and insecurity

Ai Wei Wei, a Chinese artist who was recently prohibited from leaving the country:
"If the Chinese people ... don't know why this prize should be given to Liu Xiaobo, now they should understand."

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Scoremore said...

I hope so, China got it. They deserve that. But I just have a question, will America has something to be appraise in such way?