Thursday, December 16, 2010

Watts Up With This Error?

Here is why you shouldn't take blogs for your scientific advice:

Anthony Watts writes that GISS's global temperature anomaly is (suspiciously) higher than that obtained by satellite measurement by UAH:
Hansen feels the need to explain why GISS is high in the midst of frigid air
I was working on a general report yesterday, but in checking background for it, I discovered this recent missive from Dr. Hansen. I suppose when your agency is the “odd man out”, you feel a need to explain yourself. Note the difference in November 2010 global temperature anomaly metrics:
UAH: 0.38 GISS: 0.74°C
Apparently it never occurred to Watts to actually compare the numbers scientifically -- that is, to note that GISS's baseline is 1951-1980 and UAH's baseline is 1981-2010. So it's little wonder that GISS gets a higher number.

This is how, I suppose, you get elected one of the best scientific blogs of the year. How reassuring.


Marco said...

"never occurred to Watts"??

Examining things "scientifically" is totally anathema to Watts.

Dano said...

Never let facts get in the way of FUD.