Monday, August 01, 2011

4th Warmest July

Last month was the 4th warmest July in the satellite record, according to UAH.

The top four years are (in order): 1998, 2010, 2009, 2011.


The Croquist said...

I don't really like how Spencer posts these numbers early. I'm assuming that the reason they aren't posted officially is because there is some kind of quality control in progress but I could be wrong. Maybe somebody is just lazy.

If you remember GISS got embarrassed a few years ago when they posted numbers that included data from the wrong month. Now they post numbers much later in the month. I haven't seen Spencer's numbers wrong but why risk embarrassment?

When he first posted monthly data on his blog he posed to two decimal points instead of the official 3. I didn't update my spreadsheet until I saw it on

and still don't

Ironically, as Spencer mentions, most of the heat increase is in the Southern Hemisphere while we in the US (I think Oregon is a major exception) are boiling.

David Appell said...

Yes, I noticed that GISS now posts their numbers later. Once burned....

Since UAH uses satellite data I imagine Spencer just runs his program as soon as the month ends. Perhaps there isn't much double-checking he can do...?

PS: My post the other day about Watts & Crater Lake was just for laughs....

The Croquist said...

I give credit to GISS for being more careful. There is no reason to rush these things. Face it, the world will not end because the monthly July 2011 UAH or GISS data is delayed a week or so. UAH still hasn’t posted their numbers as of now. Neither has RSS or GISS.

I don’t know if you follow the IRAC-JAXA daily sea ice data but from my experience the most recent data is almost always revised the next day and usually quite significantly.

I didn’t get your humor nor apparently did the other poster., IA It seemed to me that he/she was concerned that Watts might commit some kind of violence against you.

Watts and his ilk have an obsession about sneaking around websites. Watts is one crazy denialist - be careful with him (Norway is not as far away as it seems)

Personally I think you should make it more obvious next time. There are a lot of us dummies out there.