Wednesday, September 19, 2012

UAH Temperature Anomaly at mid-month

At the middle of the month, my Monkey-Poo Model of the UAH lower troposphere measurement shows a September anomaly of 0.47 C -- down from my premature estimate of 0.59 C earlier in the month, but still very high.

It would be the 10th-warmest month in their almost-34 years of records, and the 2nd-warmest September after 2010's 0.48 C. But there's another two weeks to go.

According to UAH, the last 15 years have warmed at 0.05 C/decade, with a statistical significance (of being greater than zero) of 93%. Somewhere in all this, though, is undoubtedly a 11 yr 4 month interval, or 9y8m, or something, that will somehow disprove that the 2-dimensional surface on which we live (which, strictly speaking, can't hold any heat anyway, being two-dimensional) isn't warming.

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Paul S said...

My beginning of year UAH prediction was that 2012 would become the third warmest year (Jan-Dec) in the record. Sounds absurdly specific until you take a look at the annual anomalies in order of magnitude and the large gap between second and third.

As things stand I need 0.40+ in all remaining months for that to happen, which looks feasible.