Monday, September 24, 2012

Who is Paying Anthony Watts?

Who exactly is paying Anthony Watts, and for what?

On 9/17 I wrote him, and asked
"Are you receiving any payments now from the Heartland Institute -- say, in the last 12 months If so, how much, and for what?
He replied, just a few minutes later:
"No, the 44,000 in Jan 2012 published by Gleick in his stolen emails came from an independent donor, the only thing direct from Heartland was a speaking fee of $800 for the Chicago May conference (the same as all speakers to over [sic] their three days away from the office) and reimbursement for travel. 
and he added, a minute later,
BTW that special Climate Reference Network project other half has not been funded. We are making do with what was provided."
Watts didn't say who this "independent donor" was, and actually I didn't know that he had received any money all for for data presentation (?) from the Heartland Institute (?).

Is there data being presented somewhere?

I've asked for more details.

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Pangolin said...

More interesting is "Why is Anthony Watts so cheap?" There are tens of billions of dollars of fossil fuel profits _at minimum_ that will be lost if humanity comes to it's senses early and quits burning fossil fuels in order to mitigate climate change.

Anthony Watts is selling out for a theatrical fee in the very low six figures. Of course, I understand that he has no market value otherwise but it would cost quite a lot to replace him at this point.

Anthony; demand more money!! You're barely making more than a university professor with tenure. Hundreds of thousands of people rely on you to provide a nice comforting hum in their echo chambers.