Saturday, January 03, 2015

The Thinking Atheist


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Victor Venema said...

It is good that you explicitly call it the *thinking* atheist.

Relating it to an important theme of your blog: climate change, you will see that many mitigation "sceptics" at WUWT & Co. seem to be atheists. That the evangelical Christians have problems with evolution and climate change is an exclusive US American problem. Almost all Christian Churches in all of the world see climate change as a serious problem. And now the Pope has become one of the main world leaders to call for finding a solution. Christians in much of the world are very active in social activities and in helping the poor and vulnerable.

If you interpret the person standing on the book pile you can also see one of the biggest dangers of scholars: to stop studying the moment you think you have the solution, the moment you think you see further than the rest.