Thursday, February 18, 2016

NOAA: "January was the 9th Consecutive Month of a Record Warm Globe"

From NOAA's monthly media briefing

Other: Alaska in 3rd consecutive warm winter with no deep cold, statewide.

"Regarding El Nino:
  • El Niño is now past its peak intensity in term of SST anomaly values 
  • transition to ENSO neutral is anticipated during the late spring or early summer 2016
  • Enhanced odds of La Niña are forecast by late summer and early fall" [about 50%;  too soon to make forecasts of how strong a La Nina might be].
Still uncertain if convection from this El Nino will bring record warmth in troposphere.

Drought Outlook: drought to persist in most of Oregon, Idaha, and northern and southern California. Drought to persist in central California but with some improvement.

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