Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Read the Stanford Rape Victim's Statement

If you were thinking, like I was, that maybe the 7,250 word statement from the rape victim of Brock Turner wasn't worth the time, I hope you set that aside and read it anyway.

It is a powerful piece of direct honesty and bare bravery.

My emotions caught in my throat when I read the last paragraph. It is so noble, so determined, so unbelievably courageous that I have to reproduce it here.

I still can't read this without getting chocked up. It is one of the most profound things I have ever read.

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JoeT said...

Thanks for pointing this out David. I probably would never have read the statement if I hadn't seen it on your blog. I cannot even comprehend how someone who has experienced such a horrendous assault on their being can write so eloquently and so logically. I'm also amazed by people at funerals who can speak so eloquently through their grief.

And to me this amazing statement read like a eulogy --- grief and outrage that the person she used to be is no more.