Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Ocean Heat Content Continues to Drop, But the Drop is Slowing

Third quarter numbers for ocean heat content (OHC) were just published (0-700 m; 0-2000 m), and they show it continuing to drop, though the rate is slowing considerably.

Quarterly changes were:

0-700 m: -0.06 W/m2
0-2000 m: -0.16 W/m2

both less than 10% of last quarter's changes. Year-over-year changes are

0-700 m: -0.92 W/m2
0-2000 m: -1.10 W/m2

May be why lower tropospheric temperatures are still (UAH) at record highs.

N.b. Since 1955, the 0-700 m region of the ocean has absorbed 11.0 W/m2 of heat. That's like a permanent 100 Watt light bulb distributed over an area only 10 ft x 10 ft.

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