Saturday, September 15, 2018



David in Cal said...

This cartoon is ironic, because the media did indeed get it wrong. It wasn't their fault. They were just reporting official projections. Still, the fact remains that media reported a Saffir Simpson Category 4 storm on track to make landfall, but the actual landfall was a Category 1. Nevetheless, the storm is extremely dangerous because of all the flooding. So, the media were right about that.

Here's a different case, where the media were definitely guilty of exaggerating the force of the wind. It's a funny viral video, which embarrassed the Weather Channel.


David Appell said...

"The media" were guilty of exaggerating that wind?? Or that one correspondent of that one channel was guilty of it?

Layzej said...

I think we'd all be better off if the media were less interested in entertaining and more interested in informing. It's why we have partisans interviewed for the news rather than analysts. Folks screaming at each other is better than a balanced analysis. A scientific debate is better than scientific findings. Deadly storms are better than dangerous ones. Etc.

We need to demand more from the media. Ever seen Kellyanne Conway answer a question honestly rather than deflect, divert, or lie? Why do we keep listening to her? What's the point?

I guess that's what sells. Bob Dylan had it right. They’d just go off the stands in a day if they printed really the truth.