Thursday, January 02, 2020

Australian PM Gets a Firehose of Criticism

The prime minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, visited New South Wales yesterday, which has seen some of the devastating, scary wildfires. In this jaw-dropping clip, the people there gave him a good piece of their mind:

Notice the fireman near the clip's end who refuses to shame Morrison's hand. Notice Morrison feebly trying to address climate change. It was so bad Morrison scambered home.

The fires are expected to get worse.

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Steve said...

A note for non-Australians. When one of the people says "no votes for Liberals here", he is not meaning liberal in the modern American sense. Australia's major right-wing party calls itself the Liberal Party.
Morrison's government claims to be interested in reducing carbon emissions, largely by dishonest carryover of carbon credits. Morrison was part of a government that repealed an effective emissions trading scheme in 2014, and has, with the enthusiastic help of the Murdock media, continued to tell the most outrageous lies about carbon emission mitigation.
Morrison is a Pentecostal. His religious views combine with his innate conservativism to resist sensible action on the climate crisis. His handling of the wildfire crisis has been inept and offensive.