Monday, March 15, 2021


"I hope to die on Mars, just not on the landing."

- Elon Musk

Blogging is still light, due to my finger splint. Another week at least. Except for small stuff like this. Hope everyone is well. Feel free to discuss anything at all in the comments.


Entropic man said...

He's flown ten sub-orbital Starship prototypes so far and crashed the last three.

I would not put big money on him surviving a Mars landing in the near future.

Thomas said...

A more likely outcome is that he'll have his ashes sent to crash land on Mars after he dies. Cool if you can afford it, I guess.

Bal√°zs said...

We (humankind) won't go to Mars anytime soon, even the Moon is a big-big question. There are extreme technical challenges, and for God's sake, we have our space probes and rovers for the fraction of cost of a manned mission. Elon "Leech-in-Chief" Musk probably knows this well but he has to stir up his fans for yet another funding or lobbying round.

David in Cal said...

A judge has struck down a state directive that encourages local election clerks to be very flexible when reviewing signatures on Michigan absentee ballots.

The decision doesn’t apply to the recent fall election, of course, because it’s over. But the case is significant because the policy from Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson apparently would have applied to future elections, too.

Benson told clerks last fall that they must presume that a signature on an absentee ballot envelope or ballot application is valid.

Stories like this are why I remain not certain that Biden won the election fairly.


Thomas said...

Biden is losing goodwill in the rest of the world quickly. Refusing to export AZ-vaccine even when it isn't permitted to use in USA, instead keeping it in freezers for a rainy day. Refusing to allow export raw materials for vaccine production to India so they can't produce it, even vaccine that should have been exported to USA.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

IanR said...

I heard the US had sent it's AZ vaccines to Mexico - mind you I don't think you have 'approved' this particular vaccine yet which makes the gesture slightly less generous!

Entropic man said...

The US are doing better than the EU.

Only idiots would simultaneously cast doubt on the safety of the AZ vaccine while trying to commandeer its entire European production.