Sunday, November 14, 2021

Divergence of Lower Troposphere Warming Measurements

This is a graph of the difference in warming of the lower troposphere as measured by the RSS research group compared to UAH (University of Alabama at Huntsville). The divergence continues to widen. 

The quality/resolution of the graph is terrible, unless you click on it. I'm posting this also so I can complain about it on the Blogger Forum. Not that I expect them to change. Why show a low resolution figure when clearly they store the full resolution image? I don't get it. Wish I could easily transition my blog to another platform -- Wordpress I guess -- but by now I have over 15 years of posts.

Sorry for whining. This is dispiriting.


Layzej said...

I wonder where UAH 5.6 would have sat on that graph. Too bad it wasn't maintained. I'm still not clear on what UAH 6.x was meant to correct or what explanation was given for the stark differences between the results of the two versions.

David Appell said...

Yeah. I also wonder what's going to happen to UAH when Christy and Spencer retire. I know they're grooming someone(s), but reportedly their code is a mess of spaghetti (which is why they won't share it). 'Course skeptics love UAH because it has the lowest trend.

Steve said...

Um, isn't it said that they check the satellite derived estimates of the troposphere temps against weather balloon direct measurements (from time to time, at least)? If so, wouldn't that indicate which one is more accurate.

Neil White said...

Yes, the satellite data sets have been compared to balloon-based data sets.

See, for example,

Neil White

Layzej said...

If the uncertainty for satellite measurements is at least the difference between the two, then satellites measurements are utterly useless for determining temperature trends.