Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bond's 756 HRer

I don't care too much about Barry Bonds, but this branding of his 756th home run with an asterisk really strikes me as wrong-headed. It almost seems sacreligious, and I say that with no particular fondness for him -- in fact, if anything, I suspect he probably did take performance-enhancing substances. But maybe he didn't. And if he didn't, the ball will be forever branded as if he did.

This is an ugly situation all around, and I don't blame the 49ers for cutting Bonds loose -- he has done absolutely nothing to show any nobility in this situation. But baseball has a long, glorified history and I don't think it's up to the very temporary, rich owner of his 756th HR to decide how the ball should be viewed for eternity.

First Landis, now this. Sports is getting very, very ugly, and who wants to follow it at this rate?

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