Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lundberg denialism

Here is an incredible statement from Trudy Lungberg, publisher of the "Lundberg Survey," a national survey of gas prices quoted regularly by major news organizations. She does not think American's should conserve gasoline in any shape or form:

Q (CNN): As far as conservation, what are the trends you are seeing?

A (Lundberg): I'm hoping that consumers will see through the rhetoric about consuming less, demanding less, as faulty. It is not a given that consuming less will be good for our economy or for our personal freedom. It is not even established for our environment that we [should] deprive ourselves of gasoline for our personal mobility as well our commerce. And to suppose that it is good to do that, and pretend that we have consensus and put our heads together to deprive ourselves of this great product that makes the country go around, commercially and individually, I think is flawed. I'm hoping consumers and voters will see through that and be able to ignore some of the most extreme suggestions.

The woman seems to have absolutely no understanding of modern climate science as developed in the last 20 years. Or any sense whatsoever that oil supplies might actually be limited, as market trends seem to suggest. It is not immediately apparent to me that her schtick depends on increasing prices -- she seems to have a fair lock on price reporting, regardless of where prices are going -- so it is difficult for me to believe someone in her position can be so blind.

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