Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bush on Climate Change

It is impossible for me to work up any enthusiasm about anything Bush had to say yesterday -- I can barely even bring myself to read the newspaper articles on it. It has long since been obvious that he has absolutely zero intentions of doing anything about climate change, and that's certainly not going to change at this late stage. "New rhetoric?" Please.
"I want to get the job done," he [Bush] told environment ministers and ambassadors at the State Department. "We've identified a problem. Let's go solve it together."
Yes, except he proposes not solutions whatsoever. Meanwhile, his government officials are busy actually colluding with lobbyists to oppose California's efforts to limit greenhouse gas emissions from cars and trucks.

Of course, there isn't really much evidence that any other country in the world is doing much about climate change either. The European countries, by and large, can't make their Kyoto commitments. China and India certainly value economic growth far above limiting global warming. For almost all of them, it is all talk and no action.

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