Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Crisp Words

Yesterday I wrote to a scientist -- someone whose name you all know, a prominent skeptic, though one of the more scientific ones out there (I thought) -- asking for a copy of his most recent paper, and a few minutes after he sent the paper along I got a second email message from him:
... waitaminute ... Appell ... Appell ...hmmm ... HEY, aren't you the guy that always spins things on behalf of the catastrophists?
I won't name him... but it is rare that I encounter such unprofessionalism, simply for asking for a copy of a paper....

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Dano said...

Sure, one can produce a paper once in a while that contributes to the discussion (more rain downwind of cities or IR irises), but still. I've read enough interviews from either one of these two and they're unrepentant denialists.