Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Paris Hilton's carbon footprint

Yes, I know these are easy pickings.... but it still needs to be pointed out: celebrities who buy a few compact fluorescent light bulbs and maybe a hybrid car aren't really don't that much for the environment, given their lifestyle. The latest example: Paris Hilton.

"I changed all the light bulbs to energy safe light bulbs and I'm buying a hybrid car right now,'' Hilton said, adding she also turned off the lights at home, didn't leave the TV on or the water running when she left the home.

''Little things that people can do every day to make a huge difference.''

In fact, little things don't make a big difference if you live a high-consumption, jetsetting lifestyle:

The professional shopper proved she doesn't just throw out her clothes after one wearing, when she showed up to the Paris (France) airport on Tuesday, with over a dozen suitcases.

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Aaron B. Hockley said...

If Al Gore can live his hypocritical lifestyle and get a Nobel Prize, I don't think Paris' suitcases full of clothes are an issue.